hopeless romantic

As I have mentioned in the past, I focus much too much energy on documenting the sad and gloomy parts of my life. I dont entirely know why but this is generally the case. It seems to me that when something good happens, i am so busy enjoying it, that by the time i should write about it, the wave of happiness has died down and reliving the happiness to write it down would make me sad because i would know that it would never happen again. That momment in time will never be back for me to re-experience. odd huh? I know.

So the last month i’ve been away because I have been busy experiencing my great life…
I was planning what will be the most important day of my life thus far… no im not getting married… but close.

It hasn’t happened yet, but we are down to the wire. I know the reason i didnt write about this is because i didnt want to jinx it.. but then i thought.. there is soo much love out there… and so many people who read this and that i could use all the good luck and wishes that would come from telling you all this. so here i am spilling my life’s little details wishing that as i take this next step in life, i have the prayers of all the people who take a momment out of thier lives to read about mine.

We are getting engaged on the 19th.. and i couldn’t have been happier. I love him to the core of my being and the thought of even taking this small step into the rest of our lives is sooo exciting.

It took a while to get all the details of the event sorted out but its going to be great! An intimate gathering of our nearest and dearest. In my backyard under the stars. I am so greatful that it is happening and I cant help but smile every 2 seconds.

i dont even have the words to describe the emotions going through me. I guess there is no point in trying.. but i guess you get the idea. I’m such a hopeless romantic..

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