random gushing… <3

Have you ever felt truly content?
The kind of content-ness that sweeps over you like a warm blanket, enveloping you in its softness?

Lately, with this wedding coming up, I felt like a crazy bridezilla just wanting to check ever possible thing off of the LIST… and in the midst, being less then the ideal fiancée… I mean I totally got so sucked into this planning business that I just wasn’t a nice person.

But that ends now.

I am not going to say that I wont be slightly overexcited and want things done, um.. yesturday -_-‘
But I don’t think its worth the aggravation we put the both of us through.
It’s fine. The cards will get printed… the transportation will get booked… we will have perfect photos.
Essentially, everything ill be fine because it’s our big day…


I still can’t believe it’s coming so soon!


I am totally happy right now. The warm blanket type 😉

i love you mister.

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