Mrs. Farah Nuri Hossain

The biggest day of my life happened almost a month ago and I am writing about it now…I guess you could say that things were super crazy around here for a bit. The last month was a whirlwind experience. The love of my life and I finally tied the knot. After 6 years together, we spent the big day with our family and 300 of our friends. We had put one year of planning into this one day and I mean, minor things aside, it was the perfect day.

The last month has been quite unique to say the least. I got to live with a new set of parents, a new sibling. Wow, is all I can say. MashAllah, the in-laws are so amazingly easy going, I really had to do nothing for four weeks. They loved me like their own… when you make a choice to get married, you only hope to get an amazing family. I can honestly say, I did get one. I won’t lie, they are entirely different from the family I come from… I had to adjust and I learned that there is more then one way to do something.

Now as I sit here, my in-laws have left for home, even though I miss not having some sort of parental shade to guide us… I am sitting in MY apartment… with MY whole life ahead of me, with my new husband by my side.. from this point on, I am living on my own terms…

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