a little birthday note for my mister on his 28th

Today is a very special day around here… Wanna guess what it is?? It’s my mister’s birthday! YAY!

He has spent every birthday since his 22nd by my side! Six birthdays later, the day is still as filled with excitement and fun for ME! He says he’s getting too old for birthdays… but I think you should celebrate them while you still got ’em.. know what I mean?? YA

The love of my life is 28 today! That’s it! he’s 30 in two more years .. wow.. he is old… -_-‘

I want you to know mister that you are such an important person in my life.  you have filled it with happiness and joy.. you have filled it with laughter courtesy of your lame jokes…You have filled my life with useless knowledge only a documentry-aholic would know… and you have made sure that you bring out the most real version of me.

Thank you for always being a constant in my life.  Your birthday no matter what will be a special day for me ALWAYS!

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