Blissfully Wed: 2 years and counting…

2 years ago, when we had sat on that stage, surrounded by our family and friends, pledging ourselves to each other… I was practically playing dress up.  My life long, girly dream of dressing up as a bride and siting with my prince, was coming true.  The older more realistic side of me had yet to make an appearance.  That day was surreal.

Fast forward 2 years, we are two incredibly busy people.   I have a million and one things on my plate.  I run around town 4 days out of the week.  I borrow the car and make you take transit.  I cook meals when I can and the other days… you fend for yourself.  I am always making you run errands for my clients… I essentially make you do it all.  And you do it.  with a smile. All the time.  Nothing is inconvenient.  Nothing is too much.  You just do.  Because you know that I need it.

I think that it’s almost cliche that I am saying that I am the luckiest girl in the world… but I am.  This last year has been such a happy year for me.  I don’t think i have laughed as much in my entire life as I have laughed this last year.   I don’t know how you do it.

You are it for me.  I’ve known it since I was 19, and I’ve NEVER questioned it.  Why would I?

I love you for who you were.. I love you for who you are… and I love you for all the things you’ll become… because… I get to be with you every step of the way.

every step of the way ~ 88 Photography


  1. Tasha!!! This is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy you’re so happy, Alhumdulillah. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! May Allah swt increase love, understanding and mercy between you two and always keep you both smiling, Aameen! 🙂

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