Facet Events: Nisha & David [July 27, 2013] Part 1

Hi Shahzadis!

Guess who crawled out from under a rock! I am SO happy to be back to blogging I could pretty much jump out from inside your screen and give each and every one of your reading this a big HUG!

Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin ❤ you all are my one true love!

I want to take a minute to talk about one of the weddings I was fortunate to coordinate.  I met Nisha one night at a Starbucks… and when I say night.. it was actually 10 o’clock.  But she was adamant that we had to meet.  Within 20 minutes I knew she was the kind of Shahzadi that just loved to take care of others.  I guess the fact that she is a nurse by profession had a little to do with that.  It is that basic need to take care of others that led her to contact me.  She wanted her wedding to go pitch perfect but did not want her friends to have to do more than they were already doing.

When I tell you about this superwoman, you are going to think she was absolutely NUTS. And I would tell you that I agree.  Nisha was having a Hindu ceremony in the morningoutfit changeChristian ceremony in the afternoonoutfit change reception at night.  Yes. I know.  She is NUTS.  I am nuts for taking it on.  But Shahzadis… I am so glad I did! If there was anyone who needed the added structure of having a planner coordinate the wedding, it was Nisha and David!

My lovely Shahzadi knew the idea of having three different events happen in a 18 hour period of time with little down time was a little bit of a stretch, but she knew that this is the way she wanted to do it.  She knew that it would a little bit difficult to keep a tight reign on the situation, but she kept her faith in me.   I knew for her sake I would have to work extra hard to make sure that nothing went off the rails.

A Shahzadi Affair
A Shahzadi Affair

The Hindu ceremony went very well.  We arrived early in the morning to make sure that setup was complete and all the aspects of Nisha’s traditional red, gold and green mandap were perfect.  We made things easier for Nisha and David by getting all the programs ahead of time and setting them on each chair so that no one had to do any tedious work.  We worked to make sure that breakfast was served and the guests were happy and feeling the excitement.  My Shahzadi was all smiles and giddy and you could tell that she was so happy that she didn’t care that she had gotten up at an ungodly hour to get ready for her big day!  The groom, David, was the picture of the perfect groom.  Ready and willing to tie himself down to this lovely woman.  You could see it in his eyes as she walked down to meet him at the mandap! ❤ I love LOVE!

The day progressed just as planned and after the Hindu ceremony, the bride and groom stole away with their nearest and dearest for a quick photo session before the church ceremony.  We headed to the church happy with how everything had been going so according to plan.  But then it began to rain and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that we would be derailed off the original plan.  Turns out though that our bride and her new husband had a beautiful shoot with their wedding party! – SUCCESS-

At the church it was a mad dash to change clothes, to refinish her make up and find the flower girl! A lot went down in 30 minutes I tell you! But the bride made it down the alter without any hiccups and married her love for the second time that day! – When I said he doesn’t mind being tied down, I wasn’t lying!

Taking their vows
Taking their vows

As soon as these two were married [again] my assistant and I made a mad dash back to the hall!

The reception setup was calling!

Partners In Vision Orchestration:

Grand Empire Banquet Hall | Karma Design Studio | Ali K Photography | Beauty Concept By Shirley Wu | Nspire Sound | Vibrance Designs | Caledon Horse & Carriage

Wedding Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair

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