Facet Events: Nisha & David [July 27, 2013] Part 2

Hi Shahzadis ❤

I know.. I know I am outdoing myself! BACK – TO – BACK blog posts! But this post has waited LONG ENOUGH to see the light of the Blog sphere!

Today I share with you the wonderful reception of my lovely July Shahzadi, Nisha! If you haven’t read the post about her back to back Hindu ceremony and Christian ceremony, –> {CLICK HERE}  I’ll be waiting when you get back!


The reception setup was well underway when my assistant and I got back to the hall.  They had opted to have the same hall run both the ceremony and reception that day so that the guests could navigate easily.  The Hindu ceremony was torn down in a manner of an hour and the glitzy glam setup was taking shape.

A Shahzadi Affair
A Shahzadi Affair

Earlier in the week we had picked up hundreds of favours, meticulously packaged with custom ribbon by her amazing bridesmaids.  She had programs and table seating cards for her over 450 people guest list! not only did she have table seating cards, she also had escort cards at the receiving table! She had personalized table names using her favorite countries.  The details were many.. so we had to get down to work as soon as we got back from the church.

The escort cards were little kisses that had the name of the guest and the table at which they were sitting at.  We were working on setting up the escort cards when we realized that the escort cards were only made for HALF the guests!! David’s side didn’t have the escort kisses!

How were guests to know where they were going to sit?  What would we give them other than the kisses? Is it not unfair that Nisha’s guests get kisses and David’s guests are left with nothing?

Now this would not be a HUGE problem if it had been the only issue.  There was another issue waiting to rear its ugly head.  In an effort to be unique the bride and groom used country names to distinguish guest tables, but for organizational purposes, the table names were numbered to make it easier for us to place them as dictated by the floor plan.  One problem though – the numbers that were printed were WRONG! Therefore, not only do we NOT know where David’s guests were to be seated, we didn’t know which tables were supposed to be what! — CRISIS MODE ON —  

We took a deep breath… this was going to take a lot of creative problem solving.

The easier of the two problems… the table names.. we opted to disregard the number printed in the corner of the card and just followed the seating plan to find which table would be what “country”.  A little bit of deduction later and our tables had their identity in order.

The second problem had me thinking.. Shahzadis, we might have met our match.  How would I have known that those escort cards were never even printed? Then it hit me.  We had a document with a  list of all the names and where they were supposed to be seated.  We also had the table seating cards even if we were missing the escort cards.  – LIGHT BULB MOMENT –

This idea was tedious.. and we would need reinforcements! We called on her amazing friend and cousin and we went to each table and collected each table seating card and wrote the name of each country on the back! Than we put them in alphabetical order and used them as our escort cards instead! They ended up looking lovely at the receiving table.  In two hours, our crisis was averted…

We knew that this is something we had to tell the bride… as this was not in her original plan.  She had worked so hard making those kisses! We went to her with our problem and how we had resolved it.. and although she was not happy that we had to change the details… she was glad that the problem was resolved.  She was understanding of the situation and was impressed with the quick work to get the issue handled before the event began!

In all this craziness, a bridesmaid lost her reception outfit, to which an Aunti made some emergency calls and dealt with that crisis promptly! All her maids were ready to go as the new Mr. & Mrs. made their entrance!

As the night progressed, everything went according to schedule and each and every guest had a blast!  The night continued with a funnel cake station and amazing dessert spread!


Nisha and David are such a lovely couple! They are perfect for each other. I am so glad we were able to see your vision to fruition! Here are a few lovely words from the Bride:

They were amazing. Words can’t express how grateful we are to have them as our wedding planner. My husband and I can’t stop talking about them and how our day would of not been as smooth as it was without these 2 cuties.

To anyone who needs a planner for any event. Don’t even think twice. Farah is the right person. You will NOT regret it:) Will def hire this girl again..Maybe a 1 year wedding anniversary hehe:) Luv ya xoxo

WE LOVE YOU NISHA! Oh… and DAVID! ❤ { this man was the cutest, calling till the wee hours of the morning the day before to make sure he had everything in order because he wanted everything to go perfectly for his bride}


Thank you so much for visiting Shahzadis ❤

Partners in Vision Orchestration:

Grand Empire Banquet Hall Karma Design Studio | Ali K Photography | Beauty Concept By Shirley Wu | Nspire Sound | Vibrance Designs | Fine Cakes by Zehra

Wedding Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair

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