3 Truths

I’ve come to realize a few fundamental truths about life… Most if not all of these topics are always talked about and are fairly common knowledge. It is however a completely different thing to come to terms with these truths. I guess I have finally come to terms with them… So I thought I would share.

Here are three.

The first of the many truths that I have come to accept is that your dreams don’t always come true. Now I don’t sit here with the glass half empty. Your dreams not coming true is not really the end of the world. You see, dreams are idealized versions of a story you weave in your head that is devoid of obstacles and hardship. You essentially visualize a particular scenario and you put all your energy into thinking that it will eventually happen. The reality is that this dream may not actually be something that your life depends on. As life goes on, I am faced with a multitude of decisions. Each decision is taken based on the situation I am facing at that particular time. My path in life weaves through the intricate maze of life as best as I can… And I begin to realize that as I go through this maze… My ideas change.. And things I once cared for with every fibre of my being seem minuscule. Therefore those dreams never see themselves to fruition. And that’s life. And it’s okay.

As I get older I realize another valuable truth. I am my biggest investment. In life, we work so tirelessly to prove to others what a great investment we are to them. We work hard at our jobs to prove to our boss or our clients that we are worth the amount that they are paying us. What we forget to do in this rat race is actually realize that we are only as good as our physical and mental abilities. Taking care of our health will make sure we are physically capable of living our best life. Having hobbies and doing mentally challenging activities will allow our brains to be as capable as possible. Furthermore, keeping a positive attitude will help to make sure that I appreciate what I have in my life. The truth is that you have to think about how you can increase your value in your own eyes. Because should you come to a hurdle, you know just exactly know much you can tolerate and what kind of obstacles you are able to overcome.

The last truth I have come to realize is that nothing stays constant. Yes, that’s a very obvious thing to say. But the reality is that, more than not, people fight this very real truth about life. Why do we want things to stay the same? Why are we so content with the present that we want to shut the door in the face of some exciting change in life? We are afraid. We are scared of things we don’t know. But I feel like the more you deny change the more you refuse to experience what life has to offer you. We want to hold on to our childhood memories and keep remembering how things were so much better.. But what you forget is that the life you are living right now is passing you by and you are stuck in a time you will never get back. Embrace change. Move forward. Allow the stage of life you are at dictate your actions… Rather than recreating the past or holding on to something that is holding you back.


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