Facet Events: Anisa & Irshad ~ Cupcake Themed Photoshoot

Hi Shahzadis!

Today I am going to share with you a story of the first Shahzadi that ever signed me! In 2011, when I had just opened my doors, this vibrant young lady had the faith in my abilities that I was sure I had but did not expect others to have yet.  I went by to meet her for the first time and we just had a blast.  We spoke for hours… surrounded by her parents who would prove to become like my own over our two year “work association”. I say two years because this Shahzadi’s wedding festivities were spread out over two years.

Anisa and Irshad are a young and fun loving couple.  Having met during their post secondary endeavors, they had all the elements of the quintessential highschool sweethearts thing, but these two were mature beyond their years and knew that they had found each other’s life partners!   I could totally relate because I knew when I had met my hubzter, that he was it… I was 19 at the time.

Her other half Irshad, comes from a conservative Muslim family so, it was important to get their Nikkah ceremony done first and foremost.  They opted to skip the engagement ceremony that is typical of Bangladeshi traditions and went straight for the shebang!


They officially got hitched in 2012, in a religious ceremony, and they opted to take their time and plan the wedding of their dreams!

Anisa knew early on that she wanted A Shahzadi Affair.  And that meant that I was with her every step of the way.  One of the best things, in my opinion, if your budget allows is to have a planner for the entirety of the wedding.  This way, one person is aware of your tastes and is able to suggest to you the best options that cater to your every taste.  Also, the planner is able to keep the theme cohesive and working well together.  Pulling off a vision is much easier to do when you have all the puzzle pieces.

All that being said, I was able to style this couple’s Engagement/Post Nikkah shoot.  We had many ideas on the drawing board and after shopping trips together, we were able to put together a little picnic in the park! I hope you all enjoy it!

All Photos were shot by Michelle Belsky from Renaissance Studios Photography.

Anisa sent us some of her favorite shots from the day!

Join us next time for a look into her Holud! I can’t wait for you all the see this gorgeous duo as we relive their wedding festivities!


Printables & Shoot Styling:

A Shahzadi Affair 



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