Facet Events: Anisa & Irshad [ August 18th] The Wedding

Today my dears, we aren’t going to waste ANY time and get right on to discussing Anisa and Irshad’s Wedding! 2 years in the making, these two were in my life for quite some time… and I’m glad to say, they have remained that way!  The most rewarding part of this job is to be able to meet new people and still have a connection that spans further then that of a business contract.  It makes me truly thankful for my job.

Anisa and Irshad’s wedding was a super classy affair.  Anisa was a True Shahzadi. She had me with her every step of the way.  We sent each other countless emails, Facebook messages, and not to mention, I went to each and every one of her vendor meetings with her to ensure that I knew exactly how she wanted everything to turn out.

A Shahzadi Affair was integral in sourcing the vendors that we knew would make her vision come to life! After she had decided on Le Jardin as her venue, we secured her favorite room and got down to business.  We called on one of the best decorators in the industry, Dream Party Decor, to work his magic on the room.  Even though the room did not need a great deal of work, he brought in the rich blue hues and the twinkling tree to add to the whimsical, romantic, playful love that is so Anisa and Irshad.

After a few months of knowing the bride and groom I knew that their photographers would have to be Renaissance Studios! They went together like PB & J in my opinion! Michelle and I got along really well and we worked to ensure that all the important rituals and ceremonies were captured. They had the {NIKKAH} in 2012, which was the first time they worked with Michelle. After which the couple had a great time during their {ENGAGEMENT SHOOT} where they really got to understand Michelle’s style of working and how that played with their personality.

Of course the lovely Shirley Wu was responsible for each of the bride’s looks for her wedding festivities!

Renaissance Studios Photography
Renaissance Studios Photography

Doesn’t she look AMAZING?

We brought in JF [squared] to capture their love story just as they are! And did he do a fantastic job or what?? I watch this highlight reel all the time. You can tell how in love these two and and WHAT a fun wedding they had!  

NOW, Have a look at some of the pictures from the wedding… ❤ I know you’ve waited long enough!



There were so many cute details, from the broach bouquet, to the M&M favours, to the wishing tree, this wedding had a lot of little elements that acted as little personal stamps of the couple.  My team and I had a great time working with this couple; in her words:

ASA was very hard working. This was not only noted by myself and the groom but also from our family and friends.

Farah and her team never stopped to take a second to themselves, they were always running around and coming up with various solutions to issues that arose.

We were very happy with Farah and the team. I addressed any issues I had and Farah was quick to fix them for the next event. Everyone was super happy with her hard working attitude and her organizational skills!


Thank you so much Anisa and Irshad, it really does feel like an end of an era! ❤


Partners in Vision Orchastration 

Chateau Le JardinDream Party Decor | Renaissance Studios | JF [Squared] Films | Beauty Concepts By Shirley Wu | Empire Entertainment | Just Temptations | LCA Studios

Event Printables, Coordination & Management:

A Shahzadi Affair 


5 thoughts on “Facet Events: Anisa & Irshad [ August 18th] The Wedding

  1. I like how her bridesmaid switched color (white group and red group). Loved her dress color and makeup. I am bit surprise the seating decoration was kept minimal (no high centerpiece or LED light) but it looked good. I am planning my wedding and was worried if I miss out on those will people notice. Aside from another bride planning, no one will. Good job

    1. Most south Asian weddings boast a very dramatic stage. This is why a lot of the time, clients opt for a less fussy centerpiece! As long as you have a cohesive look. It doesn’t have to be big or showy 🙂 Happy Planning!

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