Preggo Diaries: What no one could have told me about being a preggo

It was probably around the 6 week mark.

After the initial shock and excitement of finding out that I was knocked up, I went into a trance almost.  everything seemed to slow down for me.  I was very aware of EVERYTHING around me.  My sense of smell – all time high.  My sense of taste – all kinds of crazy.  I was not able to eat most days.  This was a huge concern for me because… if you know me, I love to eat.  Also, all my life, I was under the impression that you get to “eat for two” – um. This is practically a right when you get pregnant! Isn’t it? Apparently not for me.

Early in my pregnancy, the hormones were raging and basically my body had no idea how to handle it.  I had never walked this path before.  Every day, I would wake up and get nauseous.  At first, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal seeing as I knew that most pregnant women go through some sort of nausea.  What no one could have told me about being a preggo was that in my particular case I would experience the following:

  • Extreme fatigue – I felt like my head was like an anvil and I just needed to sleep.  I would sleep any time i would see a bed, couch, car seat.  No one could keep me interested in staying awake.
  •  Migraines – my head would consistently hurt, and over the course of the day I would experience a full blown migraine complete with sound sensitivity.
  • ALL DAY sickness – I would wake up and the first thing I would do was throw up. Then anything I consumed over the course of the day would also be thrown up within fifteen minutes of consumption. Some days, this would really alarm me as I was concerned that I was not eating enough for my baby to be developing!  My mom was instrumental in telling me to suck it up and keep eating small meals, anything I could keep down, even if I only held it down for a little while.  It got to the point where I was throwing up about 14 times a day.  NO ONE TOLD ME THAT I WOULD HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS!  See, for most people, the nausea and vomiting is not that horrible.  In my case in particular, this was my reality.  At the most extreme stage, I had to go to the hospital and get saline hydration treatment for 14 days.  This means I was hooked up to an IV for four hours a day to pump me full of fluids as I was throwing up so much I wasn’t able to keep any solids or liquids down.  No one could have prepared me for this as it’s different for everyone.
  • Sensitivity to smell – For the last six months, I had not been able to cook or be around when onions are being sautéed! And chicken? Forget about it! Chicken in the bane of my existence at this point in time. Who discovered that you could eat these foul? ( see what I did there? 😉 My sister says that pregnancy has made me funnier lol)
  • Effects of weather – Canadian weather is bipolar. One day it’s 20 degrees and sunny, thirty minutes later it’s 6 degrees and hailing golfballs. This is turn has turned my mood swings on to full throttle!  I feel myself get so happy sand chipper when the sun comes out but I feel like the world is going to crumble to smithereens the moment a dark cloud approaches in the distance! I know it’s super dramatic, it’s truly how I feel! Oh God!


The point of writing this post was to kind of cronicle my experiences through this and open up the dialogue for other preggos/mommies to share their experiences. 

What did you experience in your pregnancy that you could never have known till you went through it? 


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