Preggo Diaries: We hit 37 Weeks! 


Photo by Moinul Delwar


It’s been a long 37 weeks but we’ve hit it! Woot! I honestly didn’t think we would get here. I had a pretty crazy pregnancy.


Photo by Moinul Delwar


Photo by Moinul Delwar

In the first trimester I was really ill all the time, couldn’t keep food down, couldn’t keep hydrated, had to get a home care nurse to come and administer IV hydration to me so that I could continue a healthy pregnancy.


Photo by Moinul Delwar


Photo by Moinul Delwar

The second trimester seemed to start off well and I was able to enjoy the perks of being preggo, but let me tell you, that didn’t last too long. I was having too much fun dressing my bump and attending social events and weddings… And this baby just wouldn’t have it! GO FIGURE. Apparently I had to be slowed down… If I didn’t, I was at risk of preterm labour. That’s when I was ordered to go on bedrest. At the hospital. Those five days were the longest five days I have ever experienced. It didn’t end there… After I was released, I was reduced to another three weeks of bedrest at home… Even if I wanted to do things on my own, I couldn’t!


Photo by Moinul Delwar

The third trimester came and it seemed to move the slowest. Each day began to feel longer than the last, my body surrendering to the constant discomfort of my altered physical state. It was definitely an uphill climb, a test of my patience and the resilience of my family for sure. But we got through it.

I got through it. And I cannot even believe that I am at term now.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting… ❤️


Photo by Moinul Delwar



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