Preggo Diaries: You Are My Sunshine {My Baby Shower} 06.13.2015

Often times the arrival of a baby means that essentially, you cease to exsist. Your birthdays become another opportunity for family to spoil your child rather than what would normally be your day. This is just the way of the world. Nothing is about you anymore. This is something I have to come to terms with. All my life, I have enjoyed being the centre of attention. So as I progressed in my pregnancy, and people began to drop hints that I best prepare myself to become second fiddle to my baby; I became a little “self-aware” read – sad.

 So emagine my glee when my sister and one of my closest friends began planning a baby shower for me! I was sooooo happy!  

The theme was a sunshine theme, the rhyme a very special one for my husband and I.  Accented with fresh sunflowers and bright punches of yellow, orange, and teal, my sister worked tirelessly to bring the theme to life! She added lots of dimension by doing a clothes line of baby items, a balloon installation that looked like showers, various framed prints at the food station and game station to pull the theme together.  For games, we played baby jeopardy, and baby price is right with game printables matching the colour theme of the party.  We sent friends home with homemade citrus and lavender scented bath salts. It was absolutely perfect!  

The food was nothing short of amazing! My sister, my amazing hubster and my friend put together the mouth watering feast that was really never ending! Chicken wings, beef sliders, three kinds of salads, mini shepherds pies, devilled eggs, fritters, veggie skewers… Oh this preggo went to heaven!

And while in food heaven, this preggo met the dessert table.  My friends are amazingly talented when it comes to sugar. They made me a red velvet cake, two kinds of French macarons – earl grey tea and saffron, lemon cranberry scones, lemon bars and a preggo request of mini Krispy Kreame doughnuts. What else could you want?

 It was a blissfully sunny day that June day. I was surrounded by my closest family and friends. There is absolutely no replacement for the joy that comes from celebrating milestones with those that you love.

In all of this, I realized just how loved I am. My friends are always around to lend a hand and work tirelessly into the night to help set up decor, my family so ready to jump in and fully emerge themselves in any task to make the day a smashing success!

Thank you Nikita, Nawal and Rifat for a day I will never forget.  ❤️

Event Details:

Invites and Printables by Golden Anchor Designs – Etsy
Dress by Mimetik – Etsy
Macarons by Cookie Cornucopia
Cake by Sweetest Things TO
Scones by Living the Sweet Life
Favours by Jasmina Goudge

Food & Decor by Jumana Nikita Nuri, Nawal Obaid & Kazi Faisal Hossain

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