Newborn Baby Essentials ~ A Shopping List

When I was pregnant, I had a good handle on the essentials I needed to make the pregnancy as comfortable as possible for me.  But when I poured over many shopping lists geared toward preparing for baby’s arrival, I was at a loss.  Completely overwhelmed!  As we have all figured out, the baby industry in bursting (see what I did there? A little preggo humour for you.. :P) with products for all your needs and then some. There were a lot of products I bought and didn’t end up needing.  In this post, I am going to attempt to give you the absolute must haves for the first six months.

DISCLAIMER: This is my experience, people may disagree with the placement of some of these items, but use your judgement… your life and needs may be very different than mine.  Also, I live in a condo, so my mantra was “less stuff… compact stuff…multipurpose stuff” 

Newborn Baby Essentials


    • One piece Sleepers (8-10) : your baby will live in these the first few weeks!
    • Short & long sleeved onsies (8-10) : great for layering or keeping it cool depending on where you live.
    • Stretch pants (6-8) : for your onsies.
    • Hooded sweaters (4-6)
    • Scratch mittens (4 pairs) : baby nails grow fast, keeps them from scratching thier face!
    • Hats (4) : heat escapes from the head so keep it warm.
    • Socks (6 pairs)
    • Swaddling blankets (8-10): this is a multipurpose item, wrap them in it, use it as a nursing cover, use it to cover the car seat in the sun
    • Large blankets (2)
    • Washcloths (6) : burping, spitting up
    • Winter baby: Snow suit
    • Cloth diapers (24 prefolds)
    • Diaper covers (7) : these are made of plastic to cover the cloth and prevent leaks
    • Snap fasteners (4) : keeps your cloth diaper from coming loose
    • Washcloths (10) : to wipe the baby’s bottom
    • Organic coconut oil : great to use to keep rashes at bay
    • Diapers: Start with Newborn but don’t stock up on that size as they grow out of them quickly.
    • Disposable wipes : buy the sensitive kind.  Better for their bums.
    • Vaseline: load up. This stuff is great!
    • Diaper rash cream : in the event that you have to deal with rashes
    • Diaper bag : get a LARGE bag with loads of pockets
    • Changing pad
    • Diaper pail : just a covered pail is good
    • Cloth diaper sprayer: to pre-soak soiled diapers before putting them in the washing machine
    • Infant tub or large bowl for sink
    • Hooded towels (4)
    • Baby wash
    • Washcloths (6) – WOOT BUY MORE! They are multipurpose
    • Organic coconut oil : such a great moisturizer
    • Baby body lotion : if you can’t find coconut oil
    • Feeding pillow : a regular pillow was good enough for me though
    • Nursing bra (6) : these are great utility, not cute though
    • Breast pads : keeps you from leaking onto your shirts
    • Breastfeeding tanks (4)
    • Nursing friendly clothing
    • Nursing cover and wash cloths
    • Nipple cream/ organic coconut oil: Basically organic coconut oil is life!
    • Breast pumping bra : great contraption that allows you to pump hands free!
    • A double pump: I had a single pump, took me twice as long to pump
    • Storage bags/ bottles : I like reusable bottles
    • Labelling system/dry erase marker
    • Formula
    • 5oz bottles & Nipples (4)
    • 8oz bottles & Nipples (4)
    • Bottle brush
    • Microwavable sterilizer : I did the boiling route, but it took too long, this is a lot easier.
    • Crib, mattress, sheets, blanket
    • Bassinet, sheets
    • Baby monitor : if you live in a house, this is mandatory.
    • Infant car seat : better than a convertible car seat for infants.
    • Stroller
    • Carrier/Sling
    • First aid kit
    • Thermometer
    • Baby nail file/clippers
    • Door jumper
    • Swing / bouncer
    • Activity center/ Jungle Gym

I hope that this list helped you out, I know it seems long, but these are the absolute essentials… I hated just buying STUFF, so this should help you keep on top of things… a little.. it’s easy to get carried away.  Also, comment down below with other ESSENTIALS that you cannot live without for your little one!

Just a little thank you to Shajon for asking for this list ❤ Hope that helps hun!



2 thoughts on “Newborn Baby Essentials ~ A Shopping List

  1. travelling- the head rest for the carseat! we had to use blankets rolled up to protect her head when we left the hospital. A Must Must! another must for winter babies is the J Cole Winter thing you put in carseats to keep them warm.

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