Hospital Bag Essentials

When I was pregnant I did a crazy amount of research about what to pack in my hospital bag. I looked everywhere and consulted as many new moms as I could find and let me just say, the suggestions were all over the place! Some of these women were self proclaimed over-packers and others were so chilled out, it made me more nervous just talking to them!

Generally, I wanted to be prepared enough but I didn’t want to be a diva about it. If you know what I mean! I gave birth in Ontario, Canada and the hospital I went to didn’t really provide anything other than a few starter diapers and swaddle blankets for baby and a couple of very large maxi pads for mom. Everything else, we needed to have on hand.

The things you will need to bring largely depend on your personality. Also, depending on how many days you spend at the hospital, you may or may not end up using all the items listed (I know I didn’t use everything).
Here is a list of EVERYTHING I took. I figured I would list it all so that if you want, you can print it off and use it as a packing list!


  • Wallet
  • Health card
  • Health Insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Cash & Coins – for vending machines
  • Meds – any and all medicine that you may be taking
  • Camera
  • 2 pillows with coloured covers – so you can tell the difference between your pillow and the hospital’s
  • Slippers
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Long cardigan with buttons in the front
  • Socks & cotton undies
  • Hair brush
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Phone list – so you don’t forget any important people to call
  • Phone chargers
  • Facial tissue


  • Music on an iPod
  • Snacks for Coach/Partner- granola bars, chips, coke, water
  • Pajamas for Coach/Partner
  • Hand held fanning device


  • Nursing Bra and granny panties
  • Pajamas that open in the front
  • Tights and a top to go home in
  • Toiletries: Shampoo & Conditioner, deodorant, mouthwash
  • Simple makeup: concealer, mascara, pencil liner, lip tint or balm
  • Gum
  • Moisturizer (coconut oil)
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Dry shampoo
  • Always Maxi overnights maxi pads (Orange)
  • Breast Pads
  • Breast pump – get a hands on tutorial from the nurse before you leave the hospital.
  • Water bottle
  • Book/iPad/laptop – to entertain yourself if it’s a long stay.


  • Diapers for your hospital stay
  • Wipes
  • Baby soap
  • Coconut oil
  • Extra Hats
  • Mittens
  • 3 onesies
  • Swaddle Blanket/receiving blanket
  • Nursing pillow
  • A “Going Home” outfit
  • Car seat & base

Depending on the length of your stay at the hospital, you may not need everything, but having these things on hand made me feel more prepared and relaxed.

Hope this helps a few of you getting ready to head to the hospital!

Let me know what you ended up taking in your bag! Did I miss anything?


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