The Gift of Planning [Part 1] Mahsima & Abrar – Holud 04.13.17

I really should stop calling myself a blogger.  In order to call oneself that… one needs to blog.  I am a sorry excuse for a blogger.  It has taken me much too long to post this Holud.

I met this duo through the groom’s sister – Anisa Haq who’s wedding I had planned 5 years ago!  She is one of the original Shahzadis. [See her –NIKKAHENGAGEMENT SHOOTHOLUDWEDDING] (we went through a facelift – read about it HERE) She reached out to me as she normally does when she needs ANYTHING.  LOL. Because truth be told, we became very good friends post her wedding.  She told me that as a wedding gift to her brother and his wife, she would like to present them with a flawlessly coordinated wedding.

Is she not the best little sister in the world? ( Anisa, you can pay me later. 😉

I quickly jumped on board and helped with ensuring that all the vendors that Anisa and her mom had tirelessly sourced had a point of contact and a schedule to maintain their time by.  I did a Single Facet – coordination package which left most of the control in the hands of the bride and groom, but made sure that on the day of the event, they were completely stress free to enjoy the day!

The couple was super relaxed and just had a great time at their Holud Ceremony.


// Photography – Life Through A Lens Studio // Hair & Makeup – Hasina Homayoun // Venue – Chandni Banquet Hall // Decor – Diamond Decor // DJ – DJ Raheel // Planning and Coordination – Facet Events //

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