Love Simplified – A Styled Shoot

Let’s talk love.  That’s what we are supposed to talk about…aren’t we?  I am supposed to advise you on the next “IT” gift for your significant other.  I am supposed to douse you in all things red and sparkly and insist that if your boyfriend loves you, he must come to you dressed to the nines – bearing flowers, and chocolates in a heart shaped box.

But that’s not what I am going to do today.

Instead I want to talk to you about the simple acts of love that are in our lives every day that we completely take for granted.  Especially around this time of year. Don’t misunderstand me though, I love my flowers, and pink cuppies and grand gestures of affection.  I mean, I grew up on Bollywood. I have very unrealistic expectations in fact.

But what I can tell you is when I think back to the most romantic days of my life, my memories serve up a few select special moments.


Those times when I would get my breakfast brought to me in bed.  He would make my eggs, softly boiled,  but in the effort to get the perfect runniness, the toast would suffer.  Over toasted as it may have been, I loved it.



Then there were the times when we would spend the day in the kitchen cooking together.  For some reason, whatever we were making would get eaten before we even finished the recipe.


And my personal favorite,  when ever we had something to celebrate, you could find us sitting on the couch cross-legged in an outfit that I over-paid for.  In our laps, a fancy meal that we were too impatient to eat with manners, watching crime documentaries and the occasional hindi flick.


This styled shoot was an ode to all those little joys of pure love.  It is so easy to forget and miss these acts in our daily life.  Therefore, it was our intention to showcase these simple facets of life and act as a reminder that love is always around us and to pause and acknowledge it when it appears.


Happy Valentines Day from all of us.


A Styled Shoot

// Concept & Styling : Facet Events //  Photography : LTLStudios  // Makeup : LTLStudios // Florals: Beads & Blooms by Facet Events // Jewelry : Anthropologie // Cookies : Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery // Greeting Card : Indigo // Models : Jumana & Muhammad Rahman //

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