Outdoor Iftar for two

How has one third of ramadan flown by already?

I feel like with all the tasks of running a household, doing errands, taking care of a toddler, running my own business and working for someone, I have my very hands full.

So much so, that Iftar seems more like a chore.  Since it’s just the three of us (only two of us Iftar while our toddler is preoccupied with play doh), it’s mostly fast-food, take out or very simple dinner meals.

I wanted this cycle to stop.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate. And no, I didn’t want to throw an Iftar party.  The time between Iftar and Taraweeh is not that long and it’s the only time to have a conversation about our day, and to reconnect with my husband over the one real meal we have (we are still working on getting up at a decent time for suhoor/sehri).


We have a little balcony.  With the weather finally getting sunny and warm, I thought it might be nice to eat outside.  We have a little patio table which is perfect for Iftar for two.

I dressed the table with a cute sequin runner I bought from Michael’s from the Celebrate It line.

I knew I didn’t want to use real dishes because that would require we wash them later.  I know you can relate.  But I knew I wanted this to be a special Iftar.

I was sent the most beautiful paper charger plates by Eid Creations, which set off the entire inspiration for this setup.

acs_0077Super high quality – thick cardboard stock in a beautiful metallic gold.  It was the perfect choice to elevate my Iftar without using real dinnerware.


I am dying over how well it anchors the other elements on the table.  It helps to make the rest of the paper dinnerware look very classy and worthy of date night Iftar!


If you are looking to buy these chargers, have a look at the kufi collection and the carrara marble collection that it coordinates beautifully with!

Who am I kidding?  This charger can go with anything! I paired it with my Martha Stewart collection plates that I had at home. Just to amp up the classy quotient, I added my Hafsa Creates Ramadan Mubarak cake topper as table decor.

I needed my dates.  Housed in a beautiful gold bowl from Urban Outfitters (it used to have a candle on the inside but I would never throw away this outer bowl! It’s terribly cute!


I brought my Urban Outfitters Metal Moon Banner outside for a little festive flare.  And as an ode to the sunny day, I plan on breaking fast with a delicious and cold Melona Melon bar submerged in traditional limeade.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my followers!

As if that wasn’t enough, the wonderful people at Eid Creations have given me a 20% off discount code to pass on to my followers.

Use “facetevents20” at checkout for the next 48 Hours.


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