Eid Shopping Guide 2019 – Decor, Paper & Gifting


My instagram is just blowing up!

I have been scouring the internet and had the opportunity to attend Ramadan Market this year and I can’t believe how many amazing businesses are popping up and helping to make celebrating Ramadan and Eid so much fun!

When I was a kid, we didn’t really have as many resources as we do now and I can’t tell you how happy and excited I feel that as my son grows up in Canada, he will still be deeply rooted in our celebrations.  The anxiety of if I would be able to make our celebrations more fun is kind of fading away because there is just so many options at my fingertips!

Here is a curated list of gifts and decor I’ve been loving and have already bought quite a bit of.


Kohl Studio

Kohl Studio

Featuring stunning wood and acrylic banners in a minimalist style. Decor that is reusable year after year, making it super simple to start an Eid decor collection of your own.



Gorgeous table decor that will leave your guests speechless.  Some of my favorite pieces are the crescent danglers, the crescent domes and the crescent moon napkin rings, basically I’m really feeling the moon this year!

Roessein Art


Meaningful decor in created by hand that speaks to the true essence of Islam.  The most stunning calligraphy pieces! My favorites are the floating wisdom pieces.  She also creates custom decor based on your specifications, so reach out to see what you can create together.

Tea and Tulip Designs

Tea and Tulip Designs

Another stunning decor creator that does incredible laser cut islamic decor that will add a touch of simplistic charm to your home.  I bought the beautiful “bismillah” piece and will be getting her trio arabic wood frames soon.

Modern Eid

Modern Eid

Although not a Canadian brand, I drool over her collections every year.  She has many reusable decor elements, partyware and a library of free printables that all coordinate beautifully. She is doing great things to bring Ramadan and Eid into mainstream stores and basically, i love everything.  I own her Ramadan tablecloth from last year’s collection and I love the moon stir sticks she has this year. Also, her Syrian inspired collection dropped this year, and it’s totally drool worthy!

Hello Holy Days

Hello Holy Days

Where do I begin?  If you are looking for adorable gift bags and cards, look no further.  She is my go to. Stunning, bright colours that will add a little whimsy to your gifts and present them beautifully to your family and friends.  Not to mention her adorable kids decor line! I die! Its too cute! Garlands and banners and advent calendars. I literally want it all!

Hafsa Creates

Hafsa Creates

I love her whimsical design style. I can’t get enough of her mugs, bookmarks, cake toppers, and prints! If you are looking for cute gifts to add to a basket, this is the place to start!

There are three instalments of the Eid Shopping guide 2019 Series

1. Décor, Paper & Gifting Guide

2. His & Hers Gifts Guide

3. Kids gift Guide

I hope that my hours of scouring will help you make quick work of shopping this Ramadan so you can get to more important things like prepping Iftar and even more importantly, practicing your faith!

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