Eid Shopping Guide 2019 – His & Her Gifts

Facet Fam,

I am hoping you had a chance to read my previous blog post curating all my favorite decor, paper and fun gift ideas. If not, STOP. Don’t go any further. CLICK HERE TO READ PART ONE.

I’ll wait.

Welcome back.  

My whole life I watched my parents shell out money and gifts to all the kids in the family.  They never took the time to give each other anything. Let’s change that. For the next part of my shopping guide I want to focus on some unique gift ideas for the men/women in your life.  


Naqsha Designs

I love the super unique accessories that Naqsha is doing. From phone cases, pouches, to home decor, its something every woman would love.  Featuring geometric design elements, a great option for the artsy lady in your life.

Siwar Box

Stunning pieces that are understated but make a BIG impact! I love the Sandala necklace and the stunning cuffs that will make any woman happy!

Honey Hijabs

Gems, hand sewn on high quality fabrics make these hijabs stand out! I love the colour range and the fact that the bling is right on the scarf, making it your go to occasion hijab for Eid parties coming!

Amal’s Apothecary

I missed out on buying from here when I had the chance, but I plan on fixing this problem ASAP.  Her essential oil blends are so unique. I love that you can add them to your diffuser instead of burning candles.  

Tuesday in Love

For the woman who loves to get her nails done, and is conscious about the products she uses on her face; this company is where you can get water permeable polishes and halal certified makeup.

The Henna Doodler

I am a huge fan of giving experiential gifts and pampering gifts.  Enter the henna doodler. Not only is she talented, she does unique henna designs and does Jagua henna too.  Book a loved one or a group session with her and get adorned for Eid! I know I would do this in a heartbeat!


Mystic Man Beard

Grooming kits are where it’s at for a men’s gift idea.  I love the sets that this company makes because you can give this gift and know the guy will keep it for a while! The craftsmanship of the items is amazing!


For the accessory loving guy in your life.  Maybe they are working as an executive or they enjoy being well groomed and put together.  They have a subscription kit so that you can choose how many sets they receive and over the course of time.

Halal Socks

Quirky socks that have a Muslim or ethnic twist to their prints.  They always make me chuckle and my husband loves to wear! The best part is, they are great quality and last through many washes!


Al Joher

The focus is mainly precious stone accessories, but I love their sterling silver line for men. We have the Allah Ring – it looks like a wifi symbol, but when you turn it on it’s side, it spells Allah in Arabic! HOW COOL!


I came across this company recently on my search for some quality beard oil, and not only did I find this option, they also do women’s skincare and I am over the moon.  I will be getting that beard oil for the mister, and I’ll be picking up some skin nourishment for myself, thank you very much!

North Accent

If you are looking for matching gifts for you and a significant other.  Look no further. I saw the amazing watches these guys make and I just love the clean and elegant lines that define their designs.  These watches are accessories you’ll be happy to sport all the time, especially with your other half.

Zuhoor Designs

I am recently dabbling in plants.  And I think there’s just something sweet in giving a special person a plant.  They are a sweet gesture and can be so meaningful. Weather you grab a long lasting succulent or a bouquet, this is a gift for anyone.  Man or woman. Bilqees is so knowledgeable and her products are the highest quality. I absolutely love it!

There are three installments of the Eid Shopping guide 2019 Series:

1. Décor, Paper & Gifting Guide

2. His & Hers Gifts Guide

3. Kids Gift Guide

I hope that my hours of scouring will help you make quick work of shopping this Ramadan so you can get to more important things like prepping Iftar and even more importantly, practicing your faith!

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