Eid Shopping Guide 2019 – Kids and Food Gifting

Facet Fam,

I am coming to you with my last installment of the Eid Gift Guide Series 2019.

I am hand picking gifts that I either bought, or wish I had an unlimited bank account so that I could buy.  Either way, this series is basically a wish list of Eid gifts I am loving so much!

Just to recap, I wrote about decor, paper and unique gifts HERE.  I also wrote a post on amazing gifts for him and her HERE.

Make sure you take a second to read it all.  It’s full of great ideas and gifts, and I basically did all the hard work for you!

Now we focus on the littlest muslims in our lives.  They are the most precious people in our lives and we usually stop at nothing to ensure that they enjoy the essence of our traditions in the best way possible.  Every year I kind of go overboard, and each year I focus on doing something different to see which traditions work better, Since my son is three, almost four, I notice he is asking some challenging questions about faith and our celebrations.  For me, this is actioning me to make sure that Ramadan and Eid are very well represented so that my son is excited about his background and heritage. It is my hope that he finds the traditions we are creating and the time we are spending something he looks forward to each year.  More on that in a future post… but for now, let’s get to my suggestions for their gifts!


The Muslim Moon

This shop is a new find for me but an absolute gem! I love the whimsical designs on her prayer mats.  PERFECT for a little muslim to sit on while he prays for the first time, welcoming him inthe faith with his interests in mind! I love the soccer ball design!

Knooz Designs

This shop is an old favorite and I am so happy they are still in business.  Although I have not purchased anything from them this year, I can confirm that my son still wears his Keffiyeh bib! If it fits, why not! And they have a whole line of baby items like teethers and pillows that are adorable to add to your baby’s collection!

Kahani Kids

This is the kids line from @HartsAndCraftsBySana

From stunning doll furniture to Arabic alphabet decor. Made from wood and other mixed media You can rest assured that your child will be surrounded by the beauty of Islam from the very start of their precious lives!

Craft it Kit

OMG. Can we please collectively go and buy this shop out?  This is the coolest activity kit for kids. Each snail mail activity has all the materials you will need to craft the most adorable little art projects – things you will willingly display in your home. (let’s be honest, some activities are just not cut out for display.. But then there is mom guilt.) Not only that, they have now launched a collaboration where they are selling gourmet chocolates! The kids version has pop rocks in them! Eid will be a blast!

Eastern Toy Box

The toy store from Jannah.  There are so many things to choose from it’s a tad overwhelming.  However, this just means that you will find something for the little one in your life in a quick minute.  From wooden block Masjids, to hijabi dolls, to matching games, to digital products to help shape our children’s deen! I could go on forever, but that would mean that you wouldn’t be able to browse fast enough; so, I will move right along.

Leena’s Hijabs

For the mini muslimahs who are just starting their journey with hijab, there are no better hijabs then the customizable, super cute and fun prints found here.  Not to mention this company is run by a 13 year old MashAllah, paving the way for other girls to find donning hijab a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

The Pampered Muslimah

Another one for the teens, this place is amazing to get faith based stationery and the amazing rainbow Quran.  Pick your child’s favorite colour and they will want to keep it close by. I love the amazing printable planners and all the quirky and fun accessories that go with it!

Zair Zabr Play

Can I say, all three amazing products that have come out of this store are must haves! The Quran activity book itself is a book that should be on everyone’s shelf! Also not to mention all the added benefits of all the free printable games and activity resources will allow you to give the gift that keeps giving!

Ruqaya’s Bookshelf

Growing up, I never saw myself in the books that I read.  This is specifically the problem that you will see solved at Ruqaya’s.  When you gift your children the books this store carries, you will be proud to showcase the representation.  You will see them recognise themselves in the stories, the names and even the illustrations, and that is something magical to see!

Salwa Merchant

Custom gifts is where it’s at.  If you have a teen in your life, her sequin pillows are just so much fun.  That’s not all, she can customize practically anything. Water bottles, coffee tumblers, notebooks, you name it.  Now she has these super cute night lights that I’m in line to grab for my son’s room.


The Ghee Shoppe

When you go to a friend’s for iftar or Eid celebrations, a unique hostess gift makes a great impression.  My mom and I started our own little shop this year making pure artisan ghee. The fragrance is a portal to my childhood.  Ghee has grown in popularity over the last few years and we wanted to make our homemade goodness accessible to you for your table this year.  

Halal Meals

For a busy family, this is a godsend.  This company makes ready to eat healthy meals and delivers them to your door.  So if you are missing your mom’s home cooking or need help to ensure your family is well fed, this is a great gift to give your friends, or really yourself.  You are welcome.

Eid Cookie Kits

I just found out about this adorable kit, perfect for an Eid day activity for the littles at your Eid shindig.  I know they are taking orders for next week so jump on it if you want a sweet treat that doubles as an activity.

There are three installments of the Eid Shopping guide 2019 Series:

1. Décor, Paper & Gifting Guide

2. His & Hers Gifts Guide

3. Kids Gift Guide

I hope that my hours of scouring will help you make quick work of shopping this Ramadan so you can get to more important things like prepping Iftar and even more importantly, practicing your faith!

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