My Pregnancy Story with Azan – Part 1

How I found out…

The husband was washing the last of the mugs as our friends had just left our little condo after an early dinner and post dinner chill session.  I was paralized in my tiny ensuite bathroom.  

One dark pink line and a second faint pink line.  

Maybe I should do it again. I frantically flipped the panels of the instructions to troubleshoot what the faint line could suggest. “Pregnant, even if the second line is faint.”

– OMG. Deep breath.  I could feel my face getting flush. The blood rushing up to my cheeks, I thought my face would explode.

The last week flashed before my eyes.  Everything made sense now. All the weird things that happened to my body, the symptoms I could not explain, the rather strange aversion to the dinner I just pecked at? 

The week prior was eventful to say the least.  I had flown to Winnipeg to spend time with my amazing aunt – my mother’s sister.  She and I don’t have a huge age difference so we get along like friends. She is a magnificent cook and it had been a while since I had gotten a chance to be a glutton to her food.  This time – it was off… I didn’t want to tell her, because I didn’t want to be rude. I just did not like it. Her kids are so much fun. They love having an older cousin. I had plans to bake with them.  In the middle of rolling out star shaped cookies.. My head was spinning and I was literally seeing stars… those were some cookies. I managed to patter my way through the week and chalked up my beyond exhaustion to my body just needing rest.  I got on the plane, annoyed at how my body just didn’t let me enjoy myself the way I had wanted, but happy that I was headed home to my husband, whom I hadn’t seen in a week.  

Glad to be home, my friends decided a dinner was in order to catch up.  The three couples headed out and I could feel the exhaustion just set in. I somehow got through dinner, not really eating.  On the way home, I was whining to my one bestie saying that, things are just not right with my tummy. I am so off food. And my fingertips are tingling 24/7.  What is the matter with me? She promptly tells the husband to stop the car at a nearby pharmacy and she leads me down the aisle of shame (to brown folk anyway…) but stops short of the contraceptives.

“Here, buy this, go home and pee on the stick.” She said.  

“No. that won’t be necessary,” I said. We had just started talking about a family.  We were not in the head space to ACTUALLY be pregnant. “Take the two pack, so you can re-test” she nudged at me.  “Why? It’s more expensive!” I said. “It’s less expensive than a baby. Get it!”

I was bullied into buying the two pack. Then we went home. I hadn’t told my husband that I bought this test.  We had tea with her and her husband and they headed home. I headed to the washroom.

Seven minutes later…

I flung out of the room clutching the plastic wand that had the determination of the rest of our lives in one and a half dark pink lines.

“What?” My husband asked.  I just looked at him. I couldn’t say. 

“What’s behind you? What are you hiding?” and I handed him the wand.

He cautiously looked at the stick. 

“But the second line is so faint, are you sure?” he asked, with guarded excitement.

I handed the crumpled instruction sheet I clutched with my blue knuckles to him and he read aloud, “Pregnant, even if the second line is faint.”

To be continued…


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