Facets of October 2019 – Monthly Digest

October almost made me want to hide under a rock and preferably disappear. There were not enough hours in the day, days in the month (even though this month has 31 days) I found myself feeling like I was becoming a machine and just basically going and going, doing task after task. Life was so noisy this month.  Just things happening everywhere! I am craving for November because it promises to go on my terms. 

Of Momming

This kid is a sponge.  I always knew it, but it is so crazy obvious that he is watching, learning and cataloguing everything.  This month, he’s making great strides at school. He has started eating his whole lunch at school – or 80% and I couldn’t be happier. I thought for sure that he would be one of those kids who hates eating at school and just fast till he came home.  Thank God, that’s not the case, because I would have to question whether he was actually my kid or not. On the school front, he is still trying to navigate friendships. He finds it challenging to maintain friendships because they are pushy and physical.  This is something he’s not used to. Perhaps because he never went to daycare, and that most of our friend’s circle has kids younger than him, so it’s never a physical power dynamic. In any case, I’m fairly certain that he will figure it out eventually and we will have to confiscate his phone when he’s in 4th grade or something or other.  Also another milestone, he can reach the light switch for the bathroom. At the beginning of this month, or even the start of this week, we were not there. I am not ready for this. At all. 

Of Marriage

This month was a blur for our marriage.  I don’t think we really checked in with each other.  I know he’s sick. I know he paid our bills. I think he knows I did the laundry.  You get the picture. This last week, with our floors being changed, I really thought we were going to lose it.  There was saw dust everywhere, we were not living at home, the less than ideal situation, I feared would cause one of us to lose it.  But we held it together. Which is a relief because that means I can entertain the idea of more renos in the future without having to brace myself.

Of A Working Mom

Last month, I spoke about how things are just not the same when it comes to wedding planning. Well I am happy to say that I have decided to put my family and my priorities on top and decided to go ahead and close Facet Events.  You can read about it more below:

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Just a few hours shy of it's eighth birthday, I am closing the doors on a facet of my life that became a secondary identity. My ceaseless obsession with weddings and life celebrations was a calling I happily obliged. • After 8 beautiful years, coluntless stunning brides, meticulously planned big days, with a few showers sprinkled in, I am ready for what life has planned for me next. • Before I close out, I want to thank each and every person, that trusted me with the biggest days of their lives, followed by the people who trusted me again with their showers and little ones' birthdays, and those of you who consistently vouched for me and referred me to all who would ask. I also want to thank the talented people in the industry who I've had the distinct pleasure of working with, some multiple times. You all became the people I depended on to pull together events people are still talking about today… I am honoured to place my name among you all. • Lastly I want to thank my sister for working every event as my assistant, who knew what I needed before I spoke it, and my family for supporting my need to eat up several weekends of the year, doing consults, doing pickups, making center pieces, and hitting up wedding shows without fail. • And now, as I close #FacetEvents, I want you to know that it's been entirely my absolute pleasure to serve you all for as long as I did. • Thank you for all the love and affection my little baby received from when it was A Shahzadi Affair (OG followers know), to when it morphed into Facet Events. The journey was worth all the obstacles and challenges and allowed me to express my creativity and allowed me to help people in a way that always ended in a joyful day had. • What more could I ask for when I think back to the smiles I was blessed to help create. • PC @sau.da.de_ • #LifeCelebrations #SouthAsianWeddings #CelebrateLife #FacetEvents #BeadsAndBlooms

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Of A Little Real Talk

I kept up with my promise. October has run me to the last tread.  As I had expected and honestly I am so happy its OVER. But I kept my promise to myself and prepped ahead so that November can be more about me then ever.  Too much time and energy was put into other commitments and as much as that is charity, or consideration, I was pouring from an empty cup. I feel like resentment is a real thing. I feel like as women, people around you don’t actually acknowledge all the mental load you take on.  It’s totally a mental tetris of house work, job work, child related tasks (buying constantly changing clothing, snacks, food, toys, activities), keeping tabs of husband’s schedule, playing tetris with our own availability (talk about tetri-ception), all of that falls on me. I can tell you I feel like im on a hamster wheel that won’t stop.  How do I come to terms with that? Is that all this is? When you have responsibilities… are you just a hamster? Eat, work your ass off, sleep repeat? I have many questions. I don’t have many answers. So I created a schedule. I added “me-time” every day. Every damn day. Because I deserve to do it. Too long have I put myself aside. What the heck for?  How am I benefitting from this? I’m not. So time to change it up and add me into the mix, I’ve been MIA off the priority list for too long.

Of Current Favorites

Fave Lippie:

Buxom Full On Plumping Lip Polish in Dolly

Of What’s to Come

November is going to be dedicated to self care. I made a list of 30 things I plan on doing to ensure I keep up with myself, by doing the things that make my body, mind and soul happy.  If you want a copy of the list to follow along, CLICK HERE. Sign up and tag #FacetsofSelfCare2019 so that we can do this together!

Thank you so much for reading.

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