Tips for Getting Teacher Gifts – Holiday Edition & A FREEBIE

Are you one of those folks who always struggle to figure out just what to give your kid’s teacher for the holidays? ME TOO.

This year the struggle is real because this is the first time Azu has teachers! He never went to daycare so this will be our first time giving his teachers gifts for the holidays. I love giving gifts, it makes me take a moment to acknowledge what a significant role a teacher plays in the life of my little one.

There are some things I keep in mind when I think about what to get for my son’s teachers:

  1. Low waste – they get 20-30 gifts each.  Imagine the packaging that they have to deal with.
  2. Consumable preferred – Doing a food item can really help it be enjoyed and then not clutter up their home.
  3. Keep it small – again, with that many students, it will become a physical nightmare to transport all the goodies, however well-intentioned it may be.
  4. Give to the classroom.  Teachers often have to deal with budget cuts so it’s nice to help them outfit the class with extra resources.  

Here are my very last minute, but totally doable in the next day or two ideas that will put a smile on the faces of the teachers that help your kids grow!

Gifts under $20 to show your appreciation for your child’s teacher:

Starbucks Gift Card
Thank the teachers for surviving loud rambunctious children and still keeping sane in the midst of tantrums and snowball fights. I mean how do they do it? I always add a little something with my gift cards, in Azu’s case, I added metal page markers I bought from

Homemade Cookie Dough Mix :
I love homemade gifts that give experiences. This is a fun inexpensive idea that you can put together with an old pasta sauce jar (I have so many in the cabinets) Attach a cute tag, and a recipe and you’re in business! You can also include the kids in the preparation.


A Succulent or Small plant:
One of my fave gift ideas of the season. I love the idea of giving plants. Especially because succulents are very low maintenance and could live in the classroom itself. It could double as a class project and the teacher has the option of leaving it in the class!

FACET FREEBIE – Gift Tags for your teacher gifts

I love designing simple yet unique elements for my gifting needs. If you like the tags above, as a thank you for being part of my FacetFam, I’m putting it in my blog for you to grab for your gifts!

I hope you love them! If you use them, please don’t forget to tag me in your posts, and send me pics on my Instagram!

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