The Shahzadi
Farah Natasha



Thanks for dropping by my blog.  Over the last decade, I’ve run a few blogs and I can tell you, it is not easy to segment life and your interests like a filing system.  One topic bleeds into another and sometimes I felt restricted by the segregation.  So I decided to combine my blogs into one and let you into the wonderful facets of my life.

You can expect the majority of this blog to be about being a mom, as I am a mom to a two-year-old now and it’s a full time job.  I feel like there is never enough said about the experience of momming .  So there will be a lot of that.

You’ll also see a little bit about what’s going on in my head.  After all, a little self -reflection never hurt anyone.

Just for good measure you’ll see sprinkled in, fun DIY’s, recipes, and life celebrations.

I hope you visit often and walk along with me as I explore the facets of my life…


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