Preggo Diaries: My Baby’s Gender Reveal

Preggo Diaries: My Baby’s Gender Reveal

Today I want to go back to 22 weeks pregnant. When I first got knocked up, I had no doubt that I wanted to know the gender of my baby.  I HATE surprises to the very core of my being. I am just one of those people that prefer to be excited about whatever that [...]

Preggo Diaries: You Are My Sunshine {My Baby Shower} 06.13.2015

Preggo Diaries: You Are My Sunshine {My Baby Shower} 06.13.2015

Often times the arrival of a baby means that essentially, you cease to exsist. Your birthdays become another opportunity for family to spoil your child rather than what would normally be your day. This is just the way of the world. Nothing is about you anymore. This is something I have to come to terms [...]

Preggo Diaries: We hit 37 Weeks! 

    It's been a long 37 weeks but we've hit it! Woot! I honestly didn't think we would get here. I had a pretty crazy pregnancy.     In the first trimester I was really ill all the time, couldn't keep food down, couldn't keep hydrated, had to get a home care nurse to [...]

Preggo Diaries: The Blankie Story

I don't know about you, but when you spend nine months incubating life in your womb, you begin to reflect on your own childhood. You ask your parents to share stories of their experiencesraising you. You are shown photographs and documents and if you are lucky, an actual momento, maybe the first outfit you wore, [...]

Preggo Diaries: I see you and I thank you…

I see you, your eyes lighting up as you are told that you are going to be a daddy. I also see that nervousness flash through your face as it all too quickly changes... It changes to a new expression that I've never seen before... Because it is the look of a different man. I [...]

Preggo Diaries: Let’s Talk Cravings

Your head starts to hurt. a slight buzz of a headache. Chalk it up to preggo symptoms. I mean we have so many things happening in our bodies... its hard to say what's related to pregnancy and what's not. You paddle on over to the fridge to feed yourself breakfast.  Mom's cooking... her amazingly concocted [...]

Preggo Diaries: What no one could have told me about being a preggo

It was probably around the 6 week mark. After the initial shock and excitement of finding out that I was knocked up, I went into a trance almost.  everything seemed to slow down for me.  I was very aware of EVERYTHING around me.  My sense of smell - all time high.  My sense of taste [...]