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I’m Farah, the face behind this little corner of the internet.

I am a mother of a four year old spunky boy, who has taught me more about myself then I had ever known.  

I have realized the life is a series of phases; and my current phase has turned out to be the most challenging chapter of my life.  

This is why I have been tinkering away and creating this little place on the internet. A place where I will be visiting often to archive what I am learning about myself, my journey through modern motherhood and most importantly my endeavor to infuse more Islam into my lifestyle, and in turn raise my son with a strong foundation of spirituality, inshAllah.

Will you come along with me?

Have a look around.  Learn about my personal experience and maybe some small part of my story will resonate with you, and that really is the point of all this.  To talk about fun things, confusing things, down right challenging things and maybe, through me, you can take something away.

Thank you for stopping by!

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