Even at your worst, I love you, and you should know that.

I am a passionate person. I have very strong opinions about things and I often try to be as open to other's points of view as possible. But sometimes I find myself in situations, whether it be related to my family, friends, husband where the conversation escalades to a full blown argument. I actively participate [...]

Mrs. [Insert Husband's Last Name Here]

Mrs. [Insert Husband's Last Name Here]

I am one of those girls that planned her entire wedding when I was six years old.  I knew how I wanted everything... and believe me, it happened just as I had dreamed it.  Minus my husband's height. I let him slide under the height requirement because he made it his personal mission to crack [...]


Happiness. Pure unadulterated joy. The feeling of complete and utter peace. That's where I am right this second. I feel like my life is stuck in a moment so blissful, so pure, so calm, it's surreal. It really is the simple things in life. I know that now. My mind is foggy. I can't think. [...]

Blissfully Wed: 2 years and counting…

2 years ago, when we had sat on that stage, surrounded by our family and friends, pledging ourselves to each other... I was practically playing dress up.  My life long, girly dream of dressing up as a bride and siting with my prince, was coming true.  The older more realistic side of me had yet [...]

Lucky Seven

As I head to work I can't seem to forget what I was feeling 7 years ago today. I was sitting in an 8am Economics class this very moment that just didn't want to end. Why did I want this class to end? Because the night before, as I was finishing an assignment, a sweet [...]

a little birthday note for my mister on his 28th

Today is a very special day around here... Wanna guess what it is?? It's my mister's birthday! YAY! He has spent every birthday since his 22nd by my side! Six birthdays later, the day is still as filled with excitement and fun for ME! He says he's getting too old for birthdays... but I think [...]

Special Holiday…

The Holidays are a time for family, food and celebration! Although I don't religiously celebrate the season... I can honestly say I take part in everything else.  I love holiday decorating... I love holiday food.  I love sales, presents, giving (getting :P), I just love this time of year!! This year is going to to [...]