I Need Some Sleep

The pain is a buzzing pain.  It's a kind of pain that happens in the background. It does not come to the forefront for me to be able to resolve it.  It taunts me, doesn't leave me alone.  It's been following me around like a dark cloud.  I wake up with it.  I go to [...]

Even at your worst, I love you, and you should know that.

I am a passionate person. I have very strong opinions about things and I often try to be as open to other's points of view as possible. But sometimes I find myself in situations, whether it be related to my family, friends, husband where the conversation escalades to a full blown argument. I actively participate [...]

Mrs. [Insert Husband's Last Name Here]

Mrs. [Insert Husband's Last Name Here]

I am one of those girls that planned her entire wedding when I was six years old.  I knew how I wanted everything... and believe me, it happened just as I had dreamed it.  Minus my husband's height. I let him slide under the height requirement because he made it his personal mission to crack [...]

3 Truths

I've come to realize a few fundamental truths about life... Most if not all of these topics are always talked about and are fairly common knowledge. It is however a completely different thing to come to terms with these truths. I guess I have finally come to terms with them... So I thought I would [...]

Mrs. Farah Nuri Hossain

The biggest day of my life happened almost a month ago and I am writing about it now...I guess you could say that things were super crazy around here for a bit. The last month was a whirlwind experience. The love of my life and I finally tied the knot. After 6 years together, we [...]