Facets of August 2019 ~ Monthly Digest

Facets of August 2019 ~ Monthly Digest

What an eventful month it has been.  With Eid ul Adha springing up out of nowhere, to the extra time I was given to spend with my son, to the uphill battle of real sadness, and the joy of making pure and simple advances in self care, I can honestly say August has been a [...]

One month of missed moments…

In the last month I've missed so much sitting in my cubicle. Every day I've called to check up on you during my fifteen, half and fifteen.  Each call gave me an update of your daily routine."He's eating his oatmeal now""He's making a huge mess of my kitchen now... Oh.. He dropped a potato""He won't [...]

Mommy has to go to work.

How am I supposed to leave you behind? How will I ever get through my day not having your nubby little fingers grasp at sweatpants as you try to take big boy steps? Who am I going to share my morning oatmeal with? How am I going to concentrate on daily tasks when you are [...]